"On behalf of all in attendance we wanted to thank you for a wonderful show, all the staff is still talking about how much fun we had. Some said that they have never laughed so hard in their life and I would have to agree!"
- Linda Larue
"His eyes alone leave you in a trace without him even saying a word"
- Jim Rogers
"The feedback we received after the event was that it was the best Christmas Party we have ever had, and this is in large part to the show the Hypnotist Cyrus put on. They not only involved the employees being hypnotized but also the audience itself as well, Cyrus had the audience doubled over with laughter!"
- Alison Beckum
"Seeing is Believing"
- Maggie Mathenson
"I would recommend Master Hypnotist Cyrus to any business or company looking to provide their clientele or employees with high quality humor entertainment."
- Josh Norton
"His Powers are unbelievable"
- Ray Tibble
"You Rocked"
- Mellanie Jolley - Cash Store Financial
"By far the greatest show our company ever had, Unbelievable"
- Sabrina Steeves - Fairmont, Raffels and Swiss Hotels
"We had a fantastic time - everyone loved your show!! In fact the consensus was that it was the best entertainment we've ever had and this is our 56th annual conference!!"
- Kenzie Vye - RSEI Vice-President
"I have never seen an entertainer draw so many people into one place. Cyrus is truly the greatest Hypnotist our festival has ever had and it is our 62nd year. The audience response is overwhelming. They just can't get enough. A true Professional on and off the stage. I can't see him being around here for to long. He is just that good"
- Gerry Leblanc - Entertainment Coordinator Shediac Lobster Festival
"Cyrus is the son of Joey Knight and does an amazing show. He is the greatest hypnotist I have ever seen by far and I seen a lot. People come from everywhere to see him, it is really unbelievable. Not to often you hear of a hypnotist packing Arenas. A born entertainer"
- Dwain Barton - Entertainment Coordinator Minto Coal Mining festival