"Loved being up on Stage."
- Chris Melanson (Volunteer)
"What a fantastic show!!! You guys are amazing."
- Caissie Liberatore
"Such an awesome show! Haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Can hardly wait for the next one!"
- Gina M McDermott
"Your show was amazing last night. We had a ball and can't wait to go again :) Thank you"
- Jennifer Grant
"Thanks for the great experience! I can't believe I actually got hypnotized! Wow!! I will definitely be attending again. Thanks again and can't wait to see your next show. I had a person that was with our group ask how much we were paid to do that LOL! I was like no money exchanged it's just a surreal experience, so glad I took part. Set the skeptics straight."
- Melanie Wall Field (Volunteer)
"My friend who saw it told me that I was very very funny in the show and it was the most funniest show that they never saw. IT was an amazing experience last night at the Capital I couldn't imagine to do something like that. Thank you so much to letting me experience hypnosis, it was the first time for me."
- Martine Frigault (Volunteer)
"It was an amazing experience once again!! :) I had fun!! And our friends loved it, Said they laughed so hard they cried! Your awesome!! :)"
- Melanie Sweeney (Volunteer)
"Thanks you Cyrus for another amazing performance. It was a pleasure to have such an exciting performer back at the Imperial Theater"
- Ralph MacLean Office Manager Imperial Theater
"A true class act"
- Christian Bosse
"Everyone that came really loved the show! You really made believers out of some skeptical people. And the best part about your show is that you make people laugh and have fun"
- Anthony Rocca
"Cyrus made sure we received the presentation we asked for, which was a show that was geared to adults but clean and professional. I would certainly recommend him."
- Edward Frazee
"What a gift, totally awesome"
- Gilles J. Leger
"Just to let you know that everyone was very impressed with your hypnosis show. You were the topic of conversation and a lot of good laughs the next day at our meetings. Thank-you."
- George Hill
"Powerhouse Performance"
- Tracey Leblanc
"We haven’t laughed that hard as a family in a long time, Thank you Mr. Cyrus"
- Patty Musgrave
"It's been weeks since your show and everyone is still talking about how much fun we all had.. Thank-you my son for two great years of top quality entertainment"
- Joey Knight
"He will make a skeptic a believer, including me, WOW!"
- Roger Caissie
"Cyrus, you made our Golf Tournament a overwhelming success. I have never laughed so hard in my entire life and this was the general consensus of everyone. I will defiantly have you back again. Thank-you."
- Charles Breu
"Absolutely Amazing"
- Maurice Doucett
"Thank-you for making our product launch such a huge success, every one had a fantastic time. I was totally amazed watching everyone on stage and laughed the hole time."
- Paul Hanson

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