"We have had the Cyrus show as part of the Minto Coal Mining festival for 2 years now, and it is simply an amazing show and something to see! Cyrys will keep you entertained, laughing and on your toes for the entire show. The Cyrus show is always the talk of town and it is always nice to have Cyrus perform back in his home town! You are much like your late father Joey, as he never forgot his grass roots!! I'm sure that he is proud of you as is your home town of Minto!"
- Mayor Eric Barnett Village of Minto
"We weren't sure what to expect when we found CYRUS and brought him to the city. No one on our committee had been hypnotized before but we thought a show like this would give a different look to Salmon Festival in Campbellton. We couldn't have been more correct The show was exactly what I was hoping for, and then some. CYRUS lived up to his word that the show would be tasteful and memorable. While I did not myself go up on stage to be hypnotized, I along with about 300 other peopple, left the show regretting not being one of those on stage. When, not if, the CYRUS show returns to Campbellton, I will be the first one out of my seat."
- Trevor McNally Campbellton Festival Committee
"On behalf of the Village of Minto I would like to thank Cyrus and his crew for a great performance among his hometown friends and family during our Summer festival. His ability to entertain, hypnotize, and thrill is unparalleled. Everyone from the audience to the stage had a blast - Bravo!"
- Kris Austin, Deputy Mayor, Village of Minto
"Hypnotist Cyrus is the best, He's Awesome his shows are amazing, saw him 4 times it's MUST SEE SHOW!"
- Stefanie Power Audet
"Awesome Show! Everybody needs to see it once. Cyrus has an amazing show with an amazing personality! Go to this show!!!"
- Ryan Pickard Ralley Motors
"The BMHS girl hockey team party last night our entertainment was Master Hypnotist CYRUS! He was unbelievable. I had never been to a show before in my life and seeing these girls on the stage was unbelievable. I can't wait to go back! If you never been and don't believe...you gotta go check it out for yourself...he will be at the Capital Theatre this September."
- Monique Phinney
"Has anyone seen Cyrus the hypnotist ? He is by far the greatest I ever seen! I have been going to stage hypnosis shows since I was 15 and now I am 73. I have seen them all!! Cyrus hypnotized the entire stage of people in Pictou. About 25 of them. I had not seen that before ,usually only half get hypnotized by other hypnotist . Go if you have the chance."
- Louise Hollingsworth
"I firstly wanted to thank you for making our event extraordinarily special! You impressed and stimulated the crowd by your great showmanship. You must have realized from the applause that the audience greatly appreciated your expertise. I got great comments at the end! On that note, I wanted to make sure you knew that you are now part of my special contacts which I will share with my acolytes in need of a special entertainer. Don't hesitate in giving my name as a reference as you"
- Lucy Antonacci Executive Assisant Air Miles Canada
""Thank you so much for being part of our event. After a long day of sessions and speakers, your show was the perfect follow-up to a wonderful dinner and to end the first day of our conference on a high note." Our delegates said this: A lot of fun Loved it, really enjoyed the show Hilarious! OMG, couldn't have been better. Would love to see another show again"
- Mike Bacon Executive Director, ContactNB
"Man that was an awesome show you put on at the St Marys entertainment center last weekend...props to you man best hypnotist Ive seen."
- Jordan York
"That was one hell of a show :D"
- Frederick Vance Sacobie (Volunteer)
"Cyrus THANK YOU!! The staff had a blast, glade I found u, your talent is amazing :-)"
- Alan Polchies (Entertainment Coordinator St. Marys First Nation)
"My grandmother and I came up on stage last night. And from what the rest of my family tells us... We had a blast lol. Thank you for the good time. :)"
- Kelci R Bond (Volunteer)
"LOVED your show tonight!! It was hilarious - can't wait to see it again!"
- Lisa Dunphy Doyle
"I had the pleasure of seeing you in action last night, and had the time of my life. I laughed till my throat was raw and my sides hurt. Excellent show!"
- Heather Black
"The show in Moncton last night was excellent excellent excellent !!"
- Charline Bourgeois
"Had an excellent time at the Capital last night!! We laughed for 2 hours straight, and the time just flew by. Well done, really enjoyed the show."
- Dana Dalrymple
"Great show my friend!! Very funny. I'll be back. Remember the door at KHJ is always open for you. Cheers. "
- Brent Buchanan KHJ Radio Personality
"Great show last night, thank you so much. We all had such a wonderful time. Lots of laughs. You rock!!!!"
- Natacha Killam
"Great show Cyrus! Angela laughed all the way through. Yet another new fan..."
- Patrick J Murphy

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