"Awesome show tonight with the one and only Cyrus!!! Great show and non-stop laughs!!!! "
- Matthew Fagan
"Your Dad would be so proud of your accomplishments. What a show! We LOVED it. I can't wait until next Fall....think I'll head on down to PEI for another 2 hours of laughter."
- Flo Durelle
"Absolutely amazing show Jason! First time that I have seen your show after seeing Reveen 3-4 times. I definitely think you have one up on him for sure! Very professional and fun work that you do.... wish my Scouts could see you do your stuff. Very inspiring to say the least...."
- Jeff Melvin
"Go see Hypnotist Cyrus!!! By far the greatest hypnotist I have ever seen. His show brings a whole new meaning to STAGE HYPNOSIS. Completely blow away!!! I don't even know where to begin on how to explain this show. Just go see and you will know exactly what I mean. So happy I spent my 84th Birthday at his performance. WOW!"
- Vivian Porter
"Saw Cyrus the hypnotist last night, never laughed so hard!"
- Gracelyn Kaine
"Cyrus was on top of his game last night at the beautiful Imperial Theatre in Saint John! He commanded the stage, the audience and volunteers! Being up on the stage, I can see that the volunteers trust him 100%! Anyone can see that Cyrus truly loves what he does! Last night was one of the best shows ever and the rest of the 2012 tour will be amazing as Cyrus continues to deliver a top quality, high energy show filled with non-stop laughter! So proud of my baby brother!!"
- Stacey Vautour Killam (Sister and a beautiful stage assistant)
"We welcome Master Hypnotist Cyrus: Back By Popular Demand Tour! Let him put you under his spell, for awesome - and hilarious - results!"
- Imperial Theatre Saint John NB
"Just getting out of your show... It was amazing! My belly is so sore from all the laughing. Can't wait till you come back!!!"
- Lisa O'Neil
"Was one of the volunteers on stage in Halifax last night. Surreal experience. I saw myself as if I were in a dream. Like looking at someone else. There was in my mind, a strange glow around Master Cyrus. Could not focus on anything but him and what he said. I remember last night like it was a dream. When released I remembered hearing everything but not remembering everything that happened. When reminded by my father in law what had happened, memories flooded back, like a wave. I felt neither embarrassed or shamed. It was a very tasteful experience. Apparently very entertaining and funny. I was told I was Magic Mike, Channing Tatum. I sort of remember looking for someone specific in the audience to dance for but couldn't find her. The reason being I was looking I think for my wife or the leading lady from the movie. Thankfully I didn't find a look a like for either. I saw the movie with Misty, and believe I may have totally stripped off stage even though he told us to stay clothed"
- Gregory Michael Hillier (Volunteer)
"Excellent show! Amazing and sooooo funny! We had a great time."
- Lynn Young Boudreau
"Just came from Master Hypnotist Cyrus's show. Amazing, as usual!"
- Chrystal Perry
"Had an awesome time at Master hypnotist Jason Cyrus last night. If you haven't seen him get your tickets when it comes near you, you won't regret it!!!"
- Dan Boudreau
"We took our 2 Grandsons to the show at the Fair in Chipman and in all of Scott's 16 years, I have never seen him laugh as much or as hard as the did that night. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening!!!"
- Mary West
"I wanted to drop you a quick note to sincerely thank you for last evening. I was one of your hypnotic subjects at the Shediac Lobster Festival. I truly enjoyed myself, felt so relaxed, I truly feel lifted up, full of energy, positive and refreshed. It’s not my first time being one of your subjects, it won’t be my last. I wish every one of your audience members has the opportunity to experience firsthand what it feels like, it’s a truly an amazing experience. Also, hat’s off to your stage hands; they don’t often receive recognition that’s well deserved as well."
- Chris Melanson 7 Time volunteer
"This wonderful man cast a spell over me.... is it "LovE"... is it "Lust" .... NO it was hypnotism ~~~ Thank You Mister Cyrus for a memorable evening my kids will never forget :))"
- Nannette Babineau Roy (Volunteer)
"My sister in law saw you at the festival in shediac... she was just amazed by your show. Everyone should see that super show of yours! Take care!"
- Janic Gautreau
"Just wanted to say what an amazing show Friday night at the Shediac Lobster Festival! :) You were amazing!"
- Janessa Comeau
"It is the greatest show. Fun , entertaining and family approved . Love it !!"
- Louise Hollingsworth
"Cyrus is awesome..if you have a chance take in a show, you will not be disappointed. An evening of fun and enjoyment. Thanks for the amazing experience:)"
- Dot Daigle (2 time Volunteer)
"Cyrus, Thank you to you and Catherine for the great evening! Once again, I was under your spell! I was so RELAXED!! I always enjoy going up on stage, it's so much fun! I wish everyone was able to have that experience! Until next time..."
- Chris Melanson 7 time volunteer

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