"Once again Jason......amazing entertainment! My 15 year old daughter said, "this was the best show I have ever seen. My face hurts from laughing so much." Xo"
- Donna Doucet-Savoie
"You are quickly turning into one of Canada's rising entertainers. Watch out WORLD Cyrus is on the move."
- Derek Burke
"Well where do I start ? First of all I have never seen a hypnotist show before. But I can't imagine anyone else being as funny, and slick during their performance. He isn't rude or outrageous, and it's enteraining for all ages. Everything he did was amazing and funny, you are left wondering "how did he do that??" His delivery and charm and razor like wit were second to none. If you have an opportunity to see Cyrus perform you will not be dissapointed and you will LOVE the show. Volunteers after the show kept telling me how much fun they had being the "star of the show". It looked like so much fun, and I look forward to volunteering next time Cyrus comes to Bathurst."
- Mike Sadavoy Radio Personality Max FM Bathurst
"Awesome show, thanks for the lap dance "Magic Mike" hahahahaha"
- Dianne Gallant
"Great show last night in Summerside. One day I will have the balls to get up on stage...lol! Thanks again for the wonderful night."
- Cindy Hippenstall
"well it was a great show i was one of the volunteers and i havent smoked since i left the show and no desire to smoke yet amazing man"
- Theresa Hummel
"Awesome show in Charlottetown!!! Loved it!!"
- Lindsey Champion
"It was so amazing to see the show last night Jason Cyrus and get to see you and Cat in person; we had a blast. Most incredible was to hear the doubting thomas' behind us gasp as your post hynotic suggestions came to life in exactly the manner you described!!"
- Jean Crozier
"I recommend wearing DEPENDS. lol You laugh during the entire show."
- Flo Durelle
"So I hear it was an outstanding show Cyrus. Glad I could be a part of it. Ppl call me "Swamp Donkey" now... Have any idea as to why?!?!? Lol:) I was also told later that ppl were pinching my butt (tushy) and that I had my hand stuck to a wall! Tks Mr. Cyrus, always a pleasure:)"
- Perry McMackin (4 time volunteer)
"I just wanted to say what an amazing job you did with the show last night. SO hilarious, and so entertaining. My friend Mel and I had an absolute blast. You are VERY good at what you do, and it was really lovely to meet your family that works with you. Its been so much fun working with ya. Good luck on the future shows and I hope you'll be back here again soon!!! "
- Taylor Whittamore (K945 Morning Host)
"I still can’t stop talking about your show. Hands down the greatest show on earth. Thanks so much man. Keep up the fantastic work."
- Drew Galloway (Manger Moncton Chrysler)
"OMG...What a freaking amazing show...I just may be driving to Fredericton to see Master Hypnotist Cyrus again...I would love to volunteer to go up on stage next time!! It would be an experience of a lifetime!"
- Ashley Frizzell
"We had a blast. Your show was so very funny, couldn't help but laugh out loud... You R right, best show in Moncton. Your show's just keep getting better and better, and you have 2 very beautiful assistance's. :-)"
- Tammy Cormier Niles
"Your show was incredible last night! Keep up the great work:) "
- Kara Ricker
"You're awesome at what you do. GREAT work Cyrus!! Always a pleasure!! Thanks for telling the little lady she is beautiful, she probably don't hear that enough!! Cheers and best of luck with the rest of the tour. Xo"
- Joey Duguay
"Thanks so much for the fantastic show tonight!! I was truly amazing!! We are thinking of going to your Fredericton show too...I would LOVE to volunteer next time!"
- Ashley Frizzell
"Last nights show was absolutely amazing !! I really enjoyed every moment of your show!! I honestly can't remember the last time I've laughed so hard !! So , for that .. Thank You :-) "
- Caroline Comeau
"Had a great time!! You did an amazing show! By FAR the best hypnotist show I've ever seen! Thanks for the entertaining evening! 2 hours of nonstop laughter is the best stress reliever ever!"
- Denise Murphy
"Unbelievable how I felt last night being hypnotized! Loved the feedback of what I did HAHAHA. Felt amazing afterwards, had one of the best sleeps in forever! You are so inspiring! AMAZING show! Hands down AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Ali Dryden

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