"We had a great time in Pictou last night and my 12 year old son will be seeing you in 4 years. He can hardly wait to get on stage too!"
- Brenda Scully
"Really enjoyed your show tonight, especially with my daughter Ashley Mattatall on stage! Nice to meet you and hope to see you next time you're at the deCoste Centre in Pictou, NS."
- Kathy Mattatall
"Cyrus the hypnotist was fantastic . I laughed until I cried . The girl sitting behind us was hypnotized last year and tonight before it started said she was not going to get hypnotized this year so she could watch the show . Well , she was the last one on stage dancing her Irish dance and looking for band-aids for a cut. Honestly if you can.... GO SEE CYRUS. It is a great show. "
- Louise Hollingsworth
" Seen you Tuesday night in Moncton at a corporate show, when I returned home to New Glasgow last night I seen you were playing here this weekend. Just got 8 tickets for me and my friends to see you, that's the kind of impact your show has."
- Jasion Chisholm
"That was one of the greatest shows I have ever seen, and will recommend you to everyone I know. Everyone is still talking about it this morning. I will definitely be attending some of your future shows."
- Chairman MPWWA Banquet (Waste and WasteWater Association)
"It was amazing! You're amazing....and watching my husband ( "I think she will be pleased"...ring a bell? lol) I fell madly in love with him all over again..thank you so much for a night I'll never forget,will talk and laugh about for as long as I live. We will definitely be going to your show again when you come back. Next time it will be me volunteering instead of my husband. He wants to sit back ,watch and enjoy."
- Carrie Churchill McGrath
"Loved your show was my first time seeing it and was worth it all the way .. loved the old man ..and jean I hope you found pee pee haha"
- Tracey Pothie
"And a good time was had by all! I was one of his volunteers - a very interesting experience and I highly recommend anyone attending one of the shows to give it a try! Thanks for the experience - (and I am finally warmer!)"
- Jean Koopman (Volunteer)
"You're incredible! Thanks for the laughs tonight"
- Melissa Banks
"The Cyrus show at the iRock Fredericton was unreal, entertaining and hilarious!! His show is the most Incredible you will ever see. I am already looking forward to catching your next show in this area."
- Jeff Killam - iRock General Manager
"Our Stephenville show that I attended was absolutely amazing, entertaining and exciting. As a matter of fact, the next couple of days after your show, I overheard people who had also attended the Stephenville show telling others about it. You are a fabulous entertainer & hypnotist and I look forward very much to seeing you perform again. "
- Katherine Hogan Station Manager | Steele Communications | A Division of NewCap Inc.
"Cyrus! Such an amazing hypnotist :) I suggest to anyone who's given the opportunity to see him, to do so! Mind blowing! Just simply amazing! Thank you for a great show:) "
- Emily Laite
"Awesome show here in Stephenville,made a believer out of me..Thoroughly enjoyed it..See you next time around!!"
- Robin Boone O'Quinn
"Excellent excellent show ! Loved it!"
- Tola Doyle-Hulan
"Seriously though - excellent show. You turned this skeptic into a believer. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Good luck in Corner Brook tonight!"
- Gina Feltham MacArthur
"Seen your show in Corner Brook, totally amazing!"
- Nicole Park Wheeler
"Without a doubt your's was one of the best shows we've seen. I hope you're enjoying your Newfoundland experience :) Fantastic show in Corner Brook. We had a blast! Come back again soon!"
- Karla Anderson
"Awesome show last night in Corner Brook! My cheeks hurt from laughing so much!! lol"
- Amanda Walsh-Beck
"Awesome awesome show tonight in Grand falls-Windsor, never laughed so hard in my life, even got a lap dance :)"
- Phoebe Bartlett
"Saw your show in Gander, Nl last night and thought it was Fantastic!! Told everyone at work about it and many wish they had gone to see it.Hopefully next year."
- Christine Bauld-Suley

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