"Tonight's Cyrus show was the best two hours we have spent in a long time! This was our first time seeing Jason's show, but I can guarantee it won't be our last!! But nothing will compare with seeing folks from our own hometown on stage. OMG! A laugh a minute and more!! Nyree Dawn Swanson, you have so much rhythm that you really should go on the road with River Dance! And E-I-E-I-O is my new favourite person. He single handedly saved Minto from the flood. LOL The grandkids loved the show too. That was a great 'laugh therapy' session!"
- Brenda Depres
"It was a very good show... got tired from drying the tears from my eyes."
- Bonnita Gallant
"It was a fantastic show.I felt the spirit of Joey Knight in that rink tonight.Way to go Jason. "
- Brenda Madore Brown
"I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, it was an awesome show."
- Carol Smith
"By far the Best show I have seen in years. Drove 3 hours to see Hypnotist Cyrus perform in Niagara Falls and was soooooo worth it. Would of drove 8hrs. EVERYONE go see this guy. He’s the REAL DEAL. Blown away!! "
- Joan Clarkson
"@HypnotistCyrus was so amazing Thanks for the awesome show and next time I will definitely volunteer! Go check him out!!"
"Bout time Niagara Falls you get a show that people 20+ can enjoy. We got the Cyrus Virus. Best show we ever seen! Better than Vegas! Sure hope he is here for March break 2014. It will be bananas. O yeah you better get a bigger place than a 1000+ people. Tickets won’t last long!! Plus he is SEXY! "
- Cindy Picard
"Cyrus was SPECTACULAR But the STAGE assistants where HOT as F***. No offence Cyrus but I'd volunteer just so those chicks would look at me. "
- Jimmy Hartson
"I tell you right now. I was the biggest Skeptic walking in Fallsview Theater. Boy did I get a surprise. I went up on stage thinking I’ll just pretend or fake being a volunteer to get some laughs. I’ll admit very cocky. BUT when Cyrus starting speaking and explaining perfectly what it was like and how safe I would be I totally let myself go. Next thing I know it was 10pm and the show started at 8pm and I guess I did some amazing things without embarrassing myself. Thanks Cyrus for making this Skeptic a believer. Absolutely you’re the dominate Alpha A male. See you soon! Had a Blast! "
- Will Livingston
"Where did this Cyrus guy come from!!! Holy ****! Took us completely by surprise. Thought we were just going to a typical amateur hypnosis show for a few laughs BUT where we wrong!! Honestly you will not be able to get a seat when this Cyrus guys comes back. Still shaking our heads. HYPNOSIS is BACK!! 2 hours of non stop laughter. Just Amazing! Love the theatre too! "
- Wendy Mcreaw
"WHAT THE HELL!!! My wife and I just paid 69.35 a tix to go see a typical Magic show on Friday night and paid 35.51 to see the greatest show of our lives on Saturday at the FallsView Theatre with Hypnotist Cyrus. I would of easy paid over a $100 bills a piece to see this guy. We had such a great night a what a venue. Scared to see the price of this show next time we are here. Been to Vegas hypnosis shows and nothing will compare with Cyrus. What a SHOWMAN! One of the best night we ever had."
- Jaxson Parker
"Our whole family is in aww and still cant sit up straig from laughing so hard. Hands down best show in Niagara Falls. When Cyrus is Back will be Back. "
- Daniel Johnson
"I loved the entire show in Niagara Falls, Mr.Cyrus is very friendly, funny, and interacts with the audience. The Power of his Hypnosis is jaw dropping, and leaves you dazed. A must see!!!! Nice to see Niagara Falls has finally got some HIGH CALIBER ENTERTAINMENT!! BRAVO!! Gunna tell everyone about this show. "
- Vanessa Jordan
"The night before your show our family attended the Magic show in Niagara Falls and thought it was GREAT!! Not sure what to do on Saturday, we seen the Billboard of Hypnotist Cyrus at the Scotia Bank Fallsview theatre and got tickets. WHAT A SHOW!!! This show completely blew us away. Pulled the rug right from our feet. There was not a Flaw. The Building was Beautiful, Staff was friendly and CYRUS was OUTSTANDING!!! This is the show Niagara has been missing for a long time. Get this guy permanently in NF. It will be SELL OUT after SELL OUT!! Seen a ton of Hypnosis shows and NONE can hold a candle to Cyrus. We will be watching for his return!! Way to GO!!"
- Randy Miller
"He was so awesome met him afterwards .....such a nice guy and looks like his dada. Drove 2hrs and would of drove 8. This guys is by far the best I ever seen and I seen over a 100 hypnosis shows. WOW!!!"
- Joan MacLean
"My son was one of the volunteers....it's not like him to do something like that but he had...or was told he had a great time! What a cool thing to do and what a great experience for a 16 year old!"
- Jennifer De Haan MacDonald
"I know I said I was saying goodbye for a while and I am. However I want to share something important before I leave. As a Hypnotist I am very critical of stage hypnotists as I have very few (count them on one hand and not use all my fingers) who I would recommend for you to see. There is one though that I would highly recommend for the entire family to experience. That is Jason Cyrus. We went to Niagara Falls last night to watch the best, by far, stage show I have seen. He is funny, witty, and educational and you will be guaranteed a fun time. He does not rely on embarrassing his participants or ridiculing anyone to get the laughs you will share in. He also gives powerful "Post-Hypnotic" suggestions that those who go on stage will enjoy the benefits of for years to come. "
- John R. McLellan (Hypnotherapist)
"The show was AMAZING !!!!!!!! I have no voice this morning from laughing sooooooo hard Thank you Cyrus for a fabulous girls night out !!!"
- Lora Savage-McCarthy
"Hypnotist Cyrus show is ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!!"
- Jack Carr MLA New Maryland-Sunbury West
"Just heard that a woman called from Pictou NS to get tickets to HYPNOTIST Cyrus. Friends there told her she missed the show of the year, so she's coming to Mabou!"
- Charlotte Millerposted to Strathspey Place

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