"Went to Cyrus at the Playhouse. WOW!! 5 stars.10/10. Spectacular. Hilarious. Unbelievably Entertaining. Don't miss this show. Thank you Jason Cyrus for an amazing night! I LOVED the show. We all did. What a great way to spend the evening! Good luck in Niagara! "
- Trevor Doyle (Host of Fredericton #1 morning show Capital FM)
"Hi Jason,I just like to say thank you for everything that you have done for me. sense that day that I volunteered for you up on stage in Fredericton I haven't had a sip of coffee or a bottle of Pepsi I use to have at least three coffees a day and drank a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi thank you from the bottom of my heart. "
- Paul Daigle (Volunteer Fredericton Playhouse)
"Was hypnotized tonight in Moncton had a blast will definitely come back again for another show! "
- Cody McKeil
"You are awesome Cyrus.......great show! I hope EIEIO forgives you for sticking to the wall!!!!! . Next time you are here my husband and I will be there!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Ann Danells Northrup
"We had an awesome time last night! I purchased the tickets for my son and husband's birthdays (they share a birthday). Definitely a hit with them! The whole family enjoyed the evening! Thanks for a great evening of entertainment!"
- Michelle LeBlanc-Folkins
"Loved the show Saturday night at Casino NB. Can;t wait to see you perform again"
- Susan Kaye
"We absolutely loved your show!!!!We had a blast!!! What a show you can put on! It was insane!!! Can't believe you kept everybody so entertained for all that time!!! Your very talented and have an awesome stage presence!! Super job Cyrus!!!!love ya!"
- Rachelle Duguay Slaviero
"Thanks for a great time! The family loved it and they are having a blast filling me in on everything that happened on stage! Knock em dead at the Casino!"
- Jason Perkins
"Cyrus was the consummate showman throughout, offering subtle entertainment with contained mastery from start to finish. The show was astonishing, impressive, and hilarious all at once, a thoroughly entertaining evening. “Bravo!” on a masterful performance goes to Cyrus."
- Royal Gazette Newspaper Bermuda
"UNBELIEVABLE... I have been to Las Vegas and your show is on the same level, if not better. I have seen your show your last three visits and will continue to go every time you return. I consider our "Salmon Festival" lucky to have you! Two hours of straight laughter, my abs were sore the next day...can't wait to see you next year!!!"
- Stacy McRae Entertainment Coordinator World Famous Salmon Festival
"Had an amazing time at the show last night, my belly is still sore from laughing. My daughter was a great volunteer and so were many others, looking forward to seeing a show again, and I would recommend everyone to see you."
- Carol Anne Grenier
"Your show was excellent. I hadn't laugh like that in a long time. Thank you. I will certainly go see your show every time you'll do one in C'ton"
- Angele Landry
"From what I have been hearing today, YOU ROCKED MY WORLD too -thanks for the amazing opportunity Cyrus!!"
- Heather Prichard Ross
"I saw your show tonight in Minto for the first time and it was awesome!! Thanks for coming back to this small town to put on this amazing show! We are very lucky to have you and I love that you are such a hometown kind of guy listening to you tonight. I noticed how much you sound like your Dad. I'm sure he is so proud of you! Keep on doing your thing and being great."
- Angie Main
"Loved my very first Cyrus show last night - great job Jay. Now I'll be looking forward to the next one I get the chance to see."
- Tara MacKenzie

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