Hypnotist Jason Cyrus Live


The most hilarious show you'll ever see, filled with laughter from beginning to end.

Family Friendly

Our show is made for the whole family with no foul language or adult comedy. It's a truly fun experience for the whole family.


A non-stop action filled show from beginning to end which will keep you riveted to the stage.

World Class

A world class Vegas production with entrancing videos, engaging music and amazing light effects.

Theatre High School, College and University Private & Corporate Fundraiser

A Journey through the Unconscious Mind

Mystical Entertainment for the whole Family to enjoy

The highly anticipated showman extraordinaire—Jason Cyrus brings you the hottest theatrical stage hypnosis show in North America. Audiences everywhere are mesmerized saying, “That was the greatest, funniest show I ever saw!” Jason’s shows are filled with fun, high energy and non-stop laughter! The interactive entertainment value is beyond compare! Expect nothing less than sensational when you watch Jason in action! Jason provides an incomparable professional, entertainment experience that has been proven time and again to exceed the expectations of all audiences everywhere.

Jason is single handedly changing the face of stage hypnosis entertainment and fans come from everywhere to be put under his spell. With his unmatched stage presence and magnetic personality, Jason works his crowds with a practiced flair. He is comfortable with all types of audiences. Jason’s entertainment style is comedic, enthusiastic, energetic and sincere, never dull, dry or clinical. Jason and his love of entertainment, appreciation and respect for his audience and participants are apparent to all.

As Jason develops a strong connection with his volunteers, they surrender to the power of suggestion to become talented musicians, hilarious ballet dancers and rock and roll legends giving the audience a show to be remembered!

You too could become a star! Guests are engaged and encouraged to participate in a wide variety of demonstrations designed to leave spectators amazed and thoroughly entertained.

The fun, the thrills, the uncontrollable laughter, it’s the most hilarious journey into the mind you will ever take! Witness the power of hypnosis! A guaranteed unforgettable experience!

It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Events calendar

There are no events at this time. Our upcoming shows will be announced soon.

Jason Cyrus: The KING of Stage Hypnotist

- CTV Atlantic

A must see performance! Jason Cyrus’ show is AMAZING! It is worth every penny. My ribs were sore for 2 days because I laughed so hard.

- Dan Pasco

President and CEO Rev Publishing, Niagara Falls

On behalf of the Village of Minto I would like to thank Cyrus and his crew for a great performance among his hometown friends and family during our Summer festival. His ability to entertain, hypnotize, and thrill is unparalleled. Everyone from the audience to the stage had a blast - Bravo!

- Kris Austin

Deputy Mayor, Village of Minto